I graduated and received my cosmetology license from Douglas J Aveda institute in 2007. Doing this work allowed me to experience people from all different walks of life. A few years down the line I was introduced to the possibility of switching careers and moving into the medical industry. I took a position in leadership at a Cardiology office and learned the ins and outs of the medical field and all the joy it has to offer. After many years of working in the medical industry I found Feinberg consulting and started my journey in the mental health and substance abuse world. Once Feinberg joined forces with Rivers Bend West I was confident this was exactly where I belonged. The personal philosophy that inspires me the most is to remind myself of the importance of being a mirror. I have been on a personal recovery journey for the last 2 years and showing up as my best self allows anyone else suffering to know that there is hope. When I am not working, I am pursuing my passion for all things music. I spend my weekends deejaying all around Detroit, and work to create safe spaces for anyone looking for connection and freedom of expression. In my free time I enjoy hiking, camping, and spending time with the people I love.