Wellness Support

tree_icon Health Coaching has come to River’s Bend PC


River’s Bend PC is happy to announce we’ve paired up with Marielle Heidebrink, holistic health & wellness coach, to bring you nutritional coaching. Marielle works with clients to create sustainable and positive lifestyle changes. Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve your digestion, gain energy, or simply to get healthy, Marielle is here to support you! She’ll provide valuable input and recommendations to tailor a healthy living plan built just for you. She specializes in working with weight management, emotional eating, and digestive distress.



River’s Bend PC is proud to announce the inclusion of WellnessSupport for all clients. These classes and sessions are offered to improve mindfulness and quality of life as you address life issues. These services are a healthy addition to the support you are already receiving within River’s Bend PC. Please ask the front staff or your therapist any questions to become involved!

Take care of yourself better than ever!

Yoga for Recovery
& Mood



Nutritional Coaching:
assessments and packages available


Try something new or enhance the changes you have already made.
Yoga: AM and Afternoon
Acupuncture: Afternoon
Nutritional Coaching: sessions offered weekly






Nutritional Coaching

tree_icon Nutritional Coaching

  • 45 minute sessions to gain history information and develop goals for change
  • Foods to avoid and add based on symptomology
  • Opportunity to build a positive relationship with food and your body
  • Suggestions for change with encouragement and knowledge based information
  • Motivational and supportive sessions

tree_icon Acupuncture

  • Part of a holistic medical system
  • Brief history and understanding from clinic chart, therapist and by provider
  • Safe, all natural, drug-free therapy
  • No negative side effects will be experienced
  • Results will be feelings of relaxation and well-being
  • Small group setting to reach a larger population at once
  • In the comfort oi a relaxed setting

tree_icon Yoga


  • Recovery based theme
  • 60 minutes of yoga. 30 minutes of process discussion
  • ETR: Experiential Therapeutic Recovery
  • Look inward and grow to manage addiction
  • Exercising the body and mind
  • Opportunity to share thoughts and feelings after the physical portion
  • Extensive coping mechanisms are taught


  • Recovery based theme
  • Alignment and positions to improve mood
  • 60 minutes of yoga
  • Alignment, positions and breathing to increase coping of anxiety, depression, mood changes, social situations, relationships, and life in general
  • Exercising both the mind and body in a highly supportive atmosphere