Adolescent Substance Abuse

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tree_icon Adolescent Intensive Outpatient

We address the specific developmental needs of teens 12-17 years of age. The adolescent IOP is an innovative program added to our clinic to immediately address teens with problem use of drugs or alcohol. The program is designed to facilitate change and support the family with insuring long term sustained recovery.​

Due to adolescents’ underdeveloped brains, they are at even greater risk of becoming addicted.
Teen drug abuse is a powerful problem that has the potential to destroy a teen’s future.
The onset of substance use is occurring at younger ages.
As a result more adolescents are now entering treatment for substance abuse disorders than has been observed in past years.
The issues that play significant roles in an adolescent’s life, such as cognitive, emotional, physical, social, moral, developmental, and environmental will all be included in the treatment plan.

Group ​sessions are held​ three hours per day, three days a week​. ​ ​T​he number of sessions ​is determined by individualized treatment planning​ process​. During attendance the adolescent is able to continue school and live at home. A family session is conducted once per week. Family is the most important contributor to an adolescent’s long-term success. Our program includes the family system in effort to be most effective.

tree_icon Ambulatory Detoxification

An initial evaluation​ ​will determine the appropriateness of this level of care and development of an initial treatment plan. The next step is completion of a complete physical by our Medical Doctor and initiation of detoxification protocol.

Detoxification typically occurs over a 3-5 day period in which the client has daily contact with the doctor and therapist. At the completion of the detoxification phase clients will be encouraged to enter the appropriate level of treatment to address addiction / recovery. Family members and significant others are strongly encouraged to participate in support of detoxification and treatment.

tree_icon Suboxone Detoxification

River’s Bend PC can provide opioid detox for individuals that want suboxone treatment or wish to continue it as part of their ongoing treatment after detox. All clients are required to remain engaged in therapy and 12 step meetings.

tree_icon Substance Abuse Education Series

We have developed a series of interactive handouts and video presentations to help increase the client’s knowledge about addictions and the effects that addiction can have on all facets of life.

tree_icon Substance Abuse Evaluations

Positive drug/alcohol screen affecting your ability to work?
If you have a situation that requires that you get a DOT mandated substance abuse evaluation, River’s Bend PC can help.

Bruce Goldberg, LMSW, ACSW, CAADC, SAP, has specialized training in DOT regulations and requirements. He is able to work with each employee to ensure compliance with the Return-To-Duty process and assist the employee in maintaining good standing throughout recommended treatment/education.

Bruce has over 14 years of experience doing SAP evaluations. Employees can feel confident that they will receive the appropriate level of care while ensuring compliance, which can result in a positive Return-To-Work determination.

tree_icon Driver’s License Evaluations

Charged with a substance use related offense that affects your ability to drive a car?
If your driver’s license has been revoked or suspended for drug/alcohol related offenses, the State of Michigan requires a substance abuse evaluation as part of the restoration process.
This substance abuse evaluation is a major, important element of the restoration process and must meet certain specifications. Drug testing is a necessary component of this evaluation.

The substance abuse evaluation must be satisfied and submitted before the driver can request a hearing with a DLAD (Driver’s License Assessment Department) Hearing Agent. This evaluation can mean the difference between having your license reinstated and having to take a bus because the appeal process cannot be instituted for 30 days after a denial.

At River’s Bend PC, our clinicians understand the process and the State of Michigan requirements and, while it can seem overwhelming to you, they can help you navigate and fulfill all the necessary components required by law.

Our clinicians will work with your attorney and all other treatment providers in your case to ensure that paperwork is completed accurately and with the necessary information to guide you to a positive outcome.

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