Substance Abuse Evaluations

A Substance Use Evaluation, also known as a drug or alcohol evaluation, is a process that takes place between an individual and an addictions counselor. The goal of the process is to assess whether an individual’s alcohol and/or drug use is a problem.  Our licensed and state certified professionals will use ASAM and DSM 5 criteria to evaluate your history and help you decide what level of care is necessary.

When a substance abuse evaluation is completed and it is determined that there in an alcohol and/or drug problem, the addictions counselor will be responsible to determine a diagnosis and to make treatment recommendations that best meet the needs of the individual. Treatment recommendations will not be the same for everyone; they are based on each individual’s unique history, current situation, strengths, and current needs.

If you need an evaluation for restoration of your driving privileges or for an upcoming court case, we can provide an evaluation for your attorney, the State of Michigan or an employer at your request.

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