Adult ADHD/ADD Assessments

  • Are you struggling with paying attention or staying focused at work or school?
  • Do you find yourself drifting off while in conversations with others?
  • Do you feel a need to constantly be on the move, or feeling very restless?

These are just a few of the indicators of ADHD that adults may notice in their work, school, or day to day life.

What you can expect

On the day of your scheduled testing appointment, Katie will meet you at her office located at 550 Stephenson Hwy, Suite 200, Troy, Michigan 48083. All testing takes place in person.

A variety of testing will be administered over a 1.5-2-hour session, longer if you’ve chosen a more comprehensive assessment.

Once you have completed the testing, the results will be scored and interpreted followed by a written evaluation/report. This process takes approximately 2-3 weeks. Once the report is completed, it will be sent to you via email. At that time, you have the option of scheduling a 15–20-minute Zoom follow-up call to review results and answer any questions you might have. 

*ADHD is not always indicated upon completion of the evaluation. There may be other causes or diagnoses that look like symptoms of ADHD. 

Referrals to ADHD practitioners

If a diagnosis of ADHD is indicated, Katie will provide you with several recommendations. If there is need for further medical/medication interventions, direct referrals for a psychiatric provider will be included in the report. 

Katie often works with a client’s current PCP for collaboration. A release of information form may be signed if a client would like a copy of their report sent to their physician or nurse practitioner. 

Make an appointment

Please call or text Katie directly via her cell number at: 248-225-7269
Katie’s current waiting period ranges approximately 2 – 4 weeks.


Katie does not work with any insurance companies for reimbursement at this time. 

All services are private pay only. 

Katie does accept Health Savings Accounts (HSA) cards as well as credit, or debit via Ivy Pay*

Adult ADD/ADHD Assessment: $650
($200 deposit due upon scheduling via *Ivy Pay)

Comprehensive Psychological Assessment: $1120
($400 deposit due upon scheduling via *Ivy Pay)

*Ivy Pay is a HIPAA compliant and secure payment app used by healthcare providers. The Ivy Pay app is easily downloaded on any Android or Apple phone.