SAP-DOT Evaluations

Positive drug/alcohol screen affecting your ability to work?
If you have a situation that requires that you get a DOT mandated substance abuse evaluation, River’s Bend can help.

SAP-DOT evaluations – If you are a DOT safety sensative employee in violation of Thee drug and Alcohol testing regulations we can provide the SAP-DOT evaluation and program requirements to help return you to meet the requirements to return you to be able to work.

Bruce Goldberg, LMSW, ACSW, CAADC, SAP, has specialized training in DOT regulations and requirements. He is able to work with each employee to ensure compliance with the Return-To-Duty process and assist the employee in maintaining good standing throughout recommended treatment/education.

Bruce has over 18 years of experience doing SAP evaluations. Employees can feel confident that they will receive the appropriate level of care while ensuring compliance, which can result in a positive Return-To-Work determination.