Adult Substance Abuse

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tree_icon Intensive Outpatient Counseling

The primary goal of IOP is abstinence from all mood altering substances and chemicals. The program is designed to increase knowledge of the disease/addiction model and to develop appropriate skills to manage relapse prevention. Both Day and Night Programs are available.

The IOP is also designed to fully engage individuals in a 12 Step Program and to involve family members and significant others in the program as needed. Each Intensive Outpatient session consists of an educational lecture followed by a group therapy session. Each session is 1 ½ hours in duration, thus each group meeting is 3 hours.

tree_icon Ambulatory Detoxification

An initial evaluation​ ​will determine the appropriateness of this level of care and development of an initial treatment plan. The next step is completion of a complete physical by our Medical Doctor and initiation of detoxification protocol.

Detoxification typically occurs over a 3-5 day period in which the client has daily contact with the doctor and therapist. At the completion of the detoxification phase clients will be encouraged to enter the appropriate level of treatment to address addiction / recovery. Family members and significant others are strongly encouraged to participate in support of detoxification and treatment.

tree_icon Suboxone Detoxification

River’s Bend PC can provide opioid detox for individuals who want suboxone treatment or wish to continue it as part of their ongoing treatment after detox. All clients are required to remain engaged in therapy and 12 step meetings.

tree_icon Early Recovery Group

This group is for individuals in the early stages of recovery and for those who have completed the intensive phase of treatment.

During this phase, the group takes a deeper look into the issues present in early recovery; repairing relationships, facing consequences, sober life management, and finding a sponsor within the 12 Step program. The program duration is based on individual progress and by client request.

tree_icon Substance Abuse Education Series

We provide a series comprised of interactive handouts and video presentations to increase client’s knowledge of addiction and the effects of addiction in all facets of life.

The series is developed to meet the needs of each client taking into consideration age, previous treatment, and the motivation for completion.

IOP services are available at our Troy and new Detroit locates