Chief Executive Officer
NARM®-Informed Professional
Interventionist | Executive Coach

I bring a wealth of experience to the company. With over 40 years of experience as a business owner and entrepreneur, I am responsible for providing leadership and fostering the company’s culture and growth. I am passionate about developing strong and meaningful relationships with clients, families, providers, employees, and referral partners.

I am a Trained Arise® Interventionist and a Trained Break Free Interventionist and have worked with hundreds of families in helping to create positive outcomes and healing.

My recovery from addiction began in 1992 and has become the foundation of my life. Through this process, I have continuously worked to heal and deepen my relationships with those around me. This healing has brought joy into my life and has been an extraordinary example of what is possible. I am dedicated to giving back and working with others throughout my recovery. I have a deep passion for helping people connect with their purpose and meaning in life.

I am proud to be part of Rivers Bend West and to fill a great need for the services we provide.   We have created a great team and I am blessed to have my passion and career be my life’s work.  I love what I do and am grateful for every part of my journey that has led me here.

My philosophy is that balance, continual efforts towards optimal self-care, and ongoing personal development are everything when it comes to being your best. I believe the most successful outcomes come from creating an environment of compassion, love, courage, diligence, and commitment.

In my free time, I love spending time with my family and learning new ideas and concepts. I also love to be physically active through a combination of cardio workouts and yoga.