Intensive Outpatient Program

The IOP is a 3-hour session which includes 1.5 hours of interactive and creative didactic lecture and 1.5 hours of group process lasting 6-8 weeks in length. Clients may enter the IOP at any point in the treatment cycle, as this is an open group format to not block any client’s immediate internal or external motivation for change. The IOP format is offered for both mental health and substance use disorder diagnoses. In this level of outpatient care, the sessions are conducted by our highly trained and experienced staff, with each series being a unique experience. The IOP is designed to assist clients in processing their thoughts, emotions, and experiences with feedback and problem solving for healing. IOP is a specific type of therapy that offers a powerful sense of common humanity, a way of growing and self-care that occurs in a group setting with a highly qualified therapist.

The goal of the didactic portion is to increase knowledge and understanding about the disease concept of chemical dependence of the client and family and its biological, psychological, social, and interpersonal effects. For mental health the goal is to understand and cope with trauma, depression, anxiety, or grief and gain an increased understanding of self and stabilization.