Virtual & In Person Therapy

Individual therapy is a session between an identified client and the therapist. Each therapist has a unique and compassionate approach to sessions, yet all have the overall goal of meeting the client where they are at and understanding the needs of the clients. Individual psychotherapy is conducted to provide the individual support, reality orientation, ventilation of feelings and insight reconstruction that is necessary for recovery and change. Control of impulsivity, enhancing the level of ego functioning and acceptance of responsibility will be emphasized.

Individual therapy is conducted via telehealth or in-person, both options are HIPAA complaint and provide a safe and welcoming space with comfort for clients to share their experiences. Individual sessions are an opportunity for clients to set their goals and also collaborate and process with a trained therapist.

The use of virtual sessions is now normalized within our practice and our therapists have translated their in-person skills to the virtual setting. There are benefits to virtual sessions for some clients since there may be times when the office is not convenient and we can still conduct sessions.