Counseling and mental health services by a highly qualified therapeutic staff Check out our services included.

Mission Statement:

River’s Bend PC will provide the most innovative, proven outpatient behavioral healthcare to our clients and their families.

Our professional clinical team provides comprehensive state of the art outpatient mental health and chemical dependency treatment to our clients in a respectful, dignified manner. Our clients and their families are our partner in maximizing overall well being.

Who We Are

River’s Bend P.C. is a full service outpatient clinic serving children, adolescents, and adults. River’s Bend offers comprehensive treatment services for mental health and chemical dependence at various levels.

River’s Bend, P.C. will provide cost effective behavioral health care treatment in an outpatient setting. We will provide state of the art outpatient mental health and chemical dependence treatment to our clients in a dignified and respectful way. It is our overall goal to stabilize and maximize the client’s well being through the use of brief psychotherapy and appropriate psychotropic medications.

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Our Services

icon2 Adult Substance Abuse

The primary goal of IOP is abstinence from all mood altering substances and chemicals. The program is designed to increase …

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icon1 Counseling Services

River’s Bend, P.C. provides assessment and evaluation for each client entering treatment. Therapists review individual-specific …

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icon1 Adolescent Substance Abuse

The Adolescent Structured Outpatient Group targets adolescents’ ages 13-17 that have a primary substance abuse diagnosis.

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icon7 Psychiatric Services

River’s Bend, P.C. offers comprehensive psychiatric services for diagnostic and psychotropic purposes. We have two psychiatrists on staff…

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icon8 Wellness Program

River’s Bend is happy to announce we’ve paired up with Marielle Heidebrink, holistic health & wellness coach, to bring you nutritional…

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icon9 Health Professional Recovery Program

Our staff has experience working with HPRP contractual expectations and guidelines. We have the ability to accept most insurance…

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icon4 Weight Management

This group takes a holistic approach to controlling weight. First, participants in the group create individualized …

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icon5 Coping with Anxiety

Excessive worry is an exhausting problem. For so many people, this condition causes tremendous suffering, and …

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icon6 Managing Work Stress Group

This group is designed to help you find effective ways to reduce work stress and increase your ability to enjoy life. …

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Our Features

f1 Individual Psychotherapy
f2 Family Therapy
f3 Highly Qualified Therapuetic Staff
f4 Psychiatric Evaluation
f5 Ambulatory Detoxification
f6 Convenient Hours
f7 Convenient Location
f8 Most Insurance Accepted
f9 Group Psychotherapy
f10 Intensive Outpatient Program
f11 Full Range of Treatment Services
f12 Assessment and Evaluation

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Submission of Patient Registration is ONLY once you have been given instructions from our office. Please email or call our office at 248-585-3239 if you would like to ask questions or begin the easy process of entering therapy.

The Office

contact_pointer Address: 850 Stephenson Highway Suite 210 Troy, MI 48083
contact_call Phone: (248) 585-3239
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Office Hours

Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 9:00pm
Saturday – Sunday: By Appointment